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Telephone DP Services on 0785 0834 782 / 01303 226226 for more information
Tel: 0785 0834 782 / 01303 226226

Fast, Reliable, Professional Transport throughout the UK

Terms and Conditions

At Dave Parker Services we aim to keep our terms as simple as possible.

The variety of work we undertake means that almost every job will have its own agreement terms however the following guidelines will usually apply.

What we are responsible for:

a) Attendance at customers premises, depots or meeting points in good time to complete all business satisfactorily.

b) Provision of properly inspected and insured vehicles to meet the needs of the carriage to be performed.

c) Provision of suitably experienced and qualified staff to professionally carry out the works contracted for.

d) Provision of Breakdown insurance.


What we are NOT responsible for:

a) Excessive delays due to unforeseen road traffic conditions.

b) Excessive delays due to unforeseen weather conditions.

c) Delays resulting from the actions of any third party including the customer. E.g.) late flights, improperly packed goods, inadequate documentation etc.

d)  Loss or damage to customers goods resulting from actions outside the control of DP Services. Customers are responsible for insuring their own goods against theft and damage.

Dave Parker Services Ltd on
0785 0834 782 / 01303 226226


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  •     Timed Deliveries
  •     Warehouse Clearances
  •     Workshop and Office Space Rental