Dave Parker Services Ltd. Transport & Storage Services.Welcome to Dave Parker Services Ltd. We have experience of transporting goods and equipment for customers since 1992 and have a great deal of knowledge and experience of working with many large and small companies. We regularly supply national organisations like the Health Service.

We are conveniently located in Kent just 3 miles from Dover docks and 3 miles from the Channel Tunnel. This gives us excellent access to London and Europe via Dover Port Services or the Channel Tunnel service. We also have offloading facilities at our depot including warehousing and office accommodation. Making our all round service one of the best you can find anywhere.

We Specialise In:

  • Movement of machinery and equipment
    • We can arrange pickup and delivery of new equipment and have it on site ready for installation within strict schedules. We operate 24 hours seven days a week so will always be able to meet your requirements.
    • We can undertake de-installation and arrange for disposal or warehousing of redundant equipment. We are fully insured and properly certified to dispose of waste and equipment legally and safely.
  • Express movements throughout the UK
    • We operate seven days a week all year round. If you have strict time deadlines and provide us with instructions in time to clear any transport documentation we need then we can commit to delivery schedules throughout the UK.
  • Storage Facilities and Accomodation
    • We have excellent warehousing and storeage facilities at our depot convenient located close to the Channel Tunnel and Dover docks.
    • In addition we offer office accomodation and work shop facilities.

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